Human Ergonomics and the Art and Science of Closet Organization

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

There are numerous studies on human ergonomics and even more case studies on human ergonomics on the practical application to product design. Apple, for instance, uses superlatives to describe the feeling users get when they have their "magical" devices in the palm of their hands. Not to worry, in this blog post we will not bore the readers with a scientific article on human ergonomics. Instead we want customers to consider key questions when selecting the right closet organizer system and the right vendor to meet your needs.

What are the WRONG choices when seeking help in designing a closet?

1) Kitchen Cabinet Vendors

Homeowners rightly spend a lot of time and money in designing their dream kitchen. The kitchen is arguably the room in the home the entire family spend the most time during waking hours. In the course of the kitchen renovation, oftentime the topic of closet "cabinetry" comes up with the Kitchen Cabinet vendor. Afterall, isn't Closets just cabinets for clothes? WRONG! Unfortunately, I have seen too many homes where the new kitchen looks amazing, but the closet is a complete mess. Clothes, accessories and boxes are disorganized, hard to reach or cannot fit properly. These homeowners used the Kitchen Cabinet Vendor to make the closets. Obvious problems include:

a) Height of hang space does not accommodate typical clothing length for double-hang, mid-hang and long-hang scenarios.

b) Closets are built to the ceiling with boxed out spaces that are the wrong size to fit typical clothing storage boxes and accessories. Resulting in a lot of wasted space.

c) No dedicated closet accessories to manage specific categories of items or facilitate the flow of changing clothes e.g. valet rods, tie racks, belt racks, shoe racks, pant racks, laundry hampers, jewelry trays, etc.

2) Big Box Furniture Stores

Certain big box furniture stores offer closets – from disposable quality systems to ornate wardrobes.

However, regardless of the quality of the material we usually see the following deficiencies:

a) Not built-in wall-to-wall. Those extra inches in width can hang more clothes but are not being used.

b) For those systems type closets, we see low density and strength shelving. The closet space has become a catch-all for storage of many items that may be used daily, weekly, monthly or annually. From bags and toiletry to books and luggage, shelves need to be able to bear the weight without bowing or breaking.

c) Surfaces are not durable. The surface finish is not water-proof or scratch-proof. Wet towels left overnight can result in peeling of surface layer. Belts, zippers, buttons all cause scratches making their closet look old in 6 months.

d) No in-home design service. Consumers may overlook site condition issues like tall baseboards, sloping walls and floors, air ventilation, attic access doors, light switches, etc. resulting in poor fit with systems and furniture from these Big Box Stores.

The RIGHT source for Closets Organizers is from Trendy Closets (and other dedicated closet organizer companies). We provide full design and installation services and only sell quality products designed with full consideration on Human Ergonomics. With more finish choices, handles, front styles, useful accessories, your closets will be done right.

Investing in getting the right closet solution for your home will help you get better organized and save precious minutes each time you get change, as items become easily accessible and logically arranged. Future homebuyers will also appreciate the quality and real functionality of a professionally designed closet organizer, thus increasing the value of your property.

Trendy Closets Canada provides Free 3D closet design service!

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